Animated Star Projector Light String, Multi-Coloured, 15 m

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SKU: WRC-9090


Illuminate your space with a mesmerizing dance of colors with the Animated Star Projector Light String. This multi-colored, 15 m light string brings a galaxy of twinkling stars to your indoor or outdoor setting, turning any space into a spectacle of vibrant hues and animated light.

Each light is not just a bulb, but a mini star projector, casting vivid patterns in a kaleidoscope of colors that can animate any surface with an ethereal display. With a generous 10 m lead wire, you have the flexibility to position your light string exactly where you need it

6 Multi-Coloured Projectors spread across a 15 m length, the six projectors offer ample spacing to create a balanced and widespread animation of lights, enough to cover a significant area with a cascade of colors. For your convenience and safety, a low voltage transformer is provided.

Galactic Ambiance in a String – Unravel a Universe of Color with Every Twinkle!