Scandinavian Blue Spruce Christmas Tree, 6 ft

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SKU: WRC-3048

Delight in the enchantment of winter's embrace with the Scandinavian Blue Spruce Christmas Tree, Crafted to perfection for indoor settings, this tree evokes the magic of snow-kissed Nordic forests, ensuring a Christmas filled with wonder and nostalgia.

Boasting an impressive stature of 117 cm (46 inches), this tree captures the eye and heart alike. Dive into its verdant expanse, and you'll be greeted by beautifully crafted PVC tips, each reflecting the natural allure and depth of the renowned Scandinavian Blue Spruce. Each tip is a testament to attention to detail, ensuring an authentic and lush festive experience.

Taking inspiration from the serenity of winter woodlands, the tree is gracefully adorned with rustic pinecones and delicate berries. These natural embellishments enhance the tree's charm, adding layers of forest allure and festive flair. But the true pièce de résistance lies in the meticulously decorated white tips, lending the tree a frosted effect. This touch, reminiscent of the first snowfall, transports you to serene Scandinavian landscapes, where the hush of winter whispers tales of Christmases past.

The Scandinavian Blue Spruce Christmas Tree, with its frosted tips and woodland decorations, invites you to step into a world of festive fantasy. Let it stand tall in your home, casting its snowy silhouette and bringing with it the joy, warmth, and timeless spirit.

Dive into a World of Winter Wonder!

Height: 6 ft/1.8 m
Diameter: 117 cm/46 Inch
Tip Count: PVC Tips
Pre-Decorated: Berries & Pinecones
Location: Indoor
Finish: White Tips


Berries & Pinecones

PVC Tips

Lush, lifelike branches with beautifully crafted PVC tips that capture the depth of the Scandinavian Blue Spruce. Decorated with berries, pinecones, and a frosted effect from the white tip finish for a winter wonderland atmosphere.