Pre-Lit Red Berry Mixed Tip Wreath, 76 cm

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SKU: WRC-10413
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Embrace the festive spirit with our Pre-Lit Red Berry Mixed Tip Wreath! Delightfully dense, this wreath boasts a lavish blend of foliage that breathes life and fullness into your festive décor.

Its rich adornments of radiant red and gold berries, coupled with shimmering gold eucalyptus leaves and delicate silver fan grass, make this wreath a true embodiment of holiday elegance. Every element is thoughtfully placed, ensuring it captures and reflects light, adding that touch of festive sparkle to your space.

But it doesn't stop at aesthetics. Embedded with 40 Warm White LED lights, this wreath promises to wrap your home in a warm, gentle glow, amplifying the festive warmth. And for those who adore a sprinkle of convenience with their Christmas magic, this wreath delivers! Simply insert 3xAA batteries (do note they aren't provided) and let the built-in timer work its charm, illuminating your space for 6 hours and taking a break for the next 18.

A marriage of beauty and functionality, this wreath is all set to be the star of your festive decorations.


  • Diameter
    76 cm / 30 Inch
  • Pre-Lit
    40 Warm White Lights
  • Light Function
    Timer function: 6 hours on / 18 hours off
  • Pre-Decorated
    Lacebark Pine, Lemon Leaf, and Cypress Leaf
  • Battery Operated
    Requires 3 x AA Batteries
  • Location
    Indoor / Outdoor