Gold & White Theme 2024

Get ready to dazzle your holiday guests with our gold and white baubles! Picture this: a Christmas tree adorned with oversized baubles that add a touch of whimsy and charm. And to top it all off, we've got gold sprays that will make your tree sparkle like never before. It's time to give your tree the star treatment it deserves!

Build the Look

  • Step 1

    Cluster your shatterproof baubles on your florist wire, alternating your colours and finishes as you go. Where possible alternate sizing too to break it up and secure each end with a twist loop ready to attach to the tree.

  • Step 2

    Position on your tree in a slightly diagonal direction starting from the top of your tree working your way down. Working with smaller sections is easier to manage. Secure each section of your bauble garland to the tree by twisting the end of the florist wire around a branch.

  • Step 3

    Using florist wire, thread on 3x 15cm oversized baubles together and secure onto the tree by twisting the wire together around a branch after each section of clustered baubles. Cable ties can work better so find the best option for you.

  • Step 4

    Open up your flower and place in the middle of the 3x clustered oversized baubles so the petals lay over the top of the baubles. This provides a beautiful focal point for that section aswell as adding texture & interest.

  • Step 5

    One you've created your clustered garlands across the tree, in between you can create your mesh ribbon strips. Feed this in and out of the tree in a ripple effect securing each section by twisting a branch around the ribbon.

  • Step 6

    In and around the ribbon and in any large visible gaps start to place your white & gold "pom pom" style sprays making sure to open them up slightly for a nice wide spread look. To finish, group gold spays together with a cable tie and slot into the top of your tree! Voila!

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