LINK FESTOON E27 Belt, Connectable, 10 Sockets, 100 cm Spacing

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LINK Festoon  |  SKU: LF018


Only compatible with LINK FESTOON products


LINK Festoon Heavy Duty Lighting Harness (Multiple Options)

Durable Construction for Commercial Use:

This premium festoon harness, part of the LINK Festoon system, boasts long-lasting rubber cabling and high-quality connections for easy linking of multiple sets to a single power source. Manufactured using the latest processes, it ensures excellent quality and durability for commercial installations.

Easy Installation and Customization:

Each socket features moulded extrusion points for secure mounting to flat surfaces using screws (not included). Additionally, the optimized waterproof seals ensure a hassle-free fit for most E27 bulbs.

Length and Socket Configuration:

Available in 5m or 10m lengths, the harness offers flexibility to match your needs. You can choose between 10 or 15 sockets for 5m lengths and 10 or 20 sockets for 10m lengths, allowing you to select the perfect amount of lighting for your space.


  • Brand
  • Light Function
  • Connectable
  • Location
    Indoor / Outdoor
  • IP Rating
  • Voltage
    240 Volts
  • CE Certified
  • Warranty
    2 Year

Helpful Tip

Connection plugs are marked with a LINK logo, ensure that all connections are linked together, LINK to LINK.

Based on LINK FESTOON E27 BELT, 50CM SPACING. Connect up to 665M of festoon belts with up to 1330 bulbs all from one plug. 

Bulb Watts Max Set of Belts Max length Max No. Bulbs
0.6W 133 665M 1330
1.3W 61 305M 610
2W 40 200M 400
4W 20 100M 200
15W 5 25M 50