LINK FESTOON E27 Colour Changing LED Festoon Bulb

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LINK Festoon  |  SKU: LF011


Only compatible with LINK FESTOON products


Upgrade your lighting with our high-quality, color-changing LED festoon bulbs designed for all E27, 240V belt harness lighting systems. This top-of-the-line model features a durable polycarbonate base and an ultrasonic cover welded to the base for superior bonding, as opposed to crimping. The colored cover makes it easy to identify when switched off.

Designed with quality and environmental responsibility in mind, each bulb consumes a mere 0.5 watts of power. The 7 super bright LEDs inside emit a vibrant, modern glow while consuming 97% less energy compared to traditional 15-watt incandescent glass bulbs.

Concerned about your energy costs? Replacing old filament bulbs with these energy-efficient LEDs can save you considerable money on electricity and maintenance.

Choose from 7 colors in this range:

  • White
  • Warm white
  • Blue
  • Green
  • Red
  • Yellow
  • Colour-changing

NOTE: When ordering these bulbs along with our festoon lighting kit or connectable festoon lights, please ensure you order the correct quantity. For example, if the festoon set has 20 sockets, you will need to order 20 bulbs.

Please note:

Although these bulbs may be compatible with festoon belts/harnesses from other suppliers, we recommend verifying their suitability with the manufacturer or by testing a sample before purchasing or installing. It's crucial that your festoon belt/harness socket includes a weatherproof seal covering at least 10mm of the globe and forming a secure seal above the lamp base. Warranty does not cover bulbs damaged by water.

Helpful Tip

Connection plugs are marked with a LINK logo, ensure that all connections are linked together, LINK to LINK.

Based on LINK FESTOON E27 BELT, 50CM SPACING. Connect up to 665M of festoon belts with up to 1330 bulbs all from one plug. 

Bulb Watts Max Set of Belts Max length Max No. Bulbs
0.6W 133 665M 1330
1.3W 61 305M 610
2W 40 200M 400
4W 20 100M 200
15W 5 25M 50