Set of 3 LED Snowflake Projector Lights, 72 cm

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SKU: WRC-9547


Introduce a winter wonderland charm to your space with the Set of 3 LED Snowflake Projector Lights. Standing at an elegant height of 72 cm. 

Whether setting a tranquil scene indoors or creating a magical ambiance in your garden, these snowflake projector lights are engineered to perform beautifully in any setting. The 5 m lead wire provides ample length, granting you the freedom to place these lights in your ideal location, irrespective of how near or far the power source may be.

Equipped with a low voltage transformer, these lights offer not only energy efficiency but also the peace of mind of enhanced safety, particularly when used outdoors.

Each light is equipped with 1 high-intensity LEDs (3 LEDs in total) that project crisp, snowflake patterns, bringing a touch of winter's elegance to your surroundings without the chill.

Light bulb size: 8.5 (height) x 3 (diameter) centimetres

Enchant Your Evenings with a Symphony of Snowflakes – Elegance Elevated!