Set of 8 Pre-Lit Arch Pathway Chasing Lights, 92 cm

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SKU: WRC-8543


Illuminate your outdoor pathways with a dazzling display of color and motion using our Set of 8 Pre-Lit Arch Pathway Chasing Lights. The set is engineered for outdoor use, ensuring durability and resilience in all weather conditions. Each tube is equipped with its own ground spike, allowing for secure and straightforward placement in your garden or along a path.

Connectivity is made simple with a generous 5 m lead wire, providing ample distance from the low voltage transformer to your preferred starting point without the need for extension cords.

The highlight of this set is the 8 unique settings available, allowing you to customize the light performance to suit your taste. Pre-lit with a vibrant array of LEDs, each tube within the set is pre-filled with a mix of red, green, blue, and yellow lights that provide a brilliant spectrum of colour.

Light the Way in Living Color: Dynamic Pathway Elegance Meets Vibrant Versatility!