LINK PRO 9 Port Black Curtain Connector, Connectable

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LINK Pro  |  SKU: LP085


Only compatible with LINK PRO products


Transform standard string lights into a captivating curtain effect with our curtain connector.

Unlike typical string lights that connect end-to-end in a daisy chain fashion, the curtain connector allows lights to hang vertically from its 9 available ports, creating a stunning curtain display.


  • 1m wide with 10cm gap between each port for an evenly spaced arrangement
  • Waterproof blanking caps to cover any unused ports
  • Connectable to multiple curtain accessories to increase the width of your display
  • Heavy-duty rubber cable to support the weight of multiple light strings
  • Suitable for indoor and outdoor use


  • Add a touch of magic to your home or garden with a stunning curtain display
  • Create a display of any size by connecting multiple curtain connectors together
  • Save time and money by eliminating the need for multiple power outlets
  • Enjoy durable and long-lasting performance with heavy-duty rubber cable construction

Order your curtain connector today and transform your standard string lights into a captivating curtain display!

Helpful Tip

Connection plugs are marked with a LINK logo, ensure that all connections are linked together, LINK to LINK.

Based on LINK PRO Starter Cable, 720W. Connect up to 20,000 LEDs or 1,000M

Product Type Watts. per set Max length Max No. LEDs
String Lights 3.6W 1,000M 8,000
Cluster Lights 18W 200M 10,000
Icicle Lights 7.2W 500M 12,000
Curtain Lights 36W 40M 10,000
Rope Light 3.4W 211M 12,660
Neon Flex Light 4.3W 167M 20,040