LINK PRO 2m White Starter Cable - Powers up to 20,000 LEDs

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LINK Pro  |  SKU: LP077


Only compatible with LINK PRO products


Introducing Our Cable LINK PRO starter Cable : The Powerhouse Behind Your Lighting Display

Features and benefits:

  • Standard household plug for easy and convenient installation
  • 2-metre lead cable from the plug to the first light, providing ample reach for your lighting display
  • Heavy-duty rubber cable construction for durability and reliability
  • High-quality fuse protection for your lighting setup
  • Powers up to 20,000 LEDs or 1,000M, ensuring your lighting display stays brilliantly illuminated

    Helpful Tip

    Connection plugs are marked with a LINK logo, ensure that all connections are linked together, LINK to LINK.

    Based on LINK PRO Starter Cable, 720W. Connect up to 20,000 LEDs or 1,000M

    Product Type Watts. per set Max length Max No. LEDs
    String Lights 3.6W 1,000M 8,000
    Cluster Lights 18W 200M 10,000
    Icicle Lights 7.2W 500M 12,000
    Curtain Lights 36W 40M 10,000
    Rope Light 3.4W 211M 12,660
    Neon Flex Light 4.3W 167M 20,040

    Link Lighting

    Premium connectable lights, designed to make transforming your space into that stunning ambient atmosphere, easier than ever.

    Twinkle Lights

    1 in every 6 LEDs twinkle adding a touch of animated elegance to your lighting arrangement.

    Indoor & Outdoor

    The limit is only your imagination, our lights bring any space to life.

    Range of Colour

    Choose from a wide range of colours to suit your style.

    Length Matters

    Link all your lights upto 1000M per power cable, giving you room to play with.

    LINK Pro Assembly Guid


    LINK Festoon

    Upgrade your outdoors with the industry premium Festoon Lights. E27 bulb compatible.

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