10 LED Transparent Festoon Light String, Warm White, 4.5 m

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SKU: WRC-10416
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Our set of 10 Transparent Festoons are designed to transform any space into a dazzling, inviting atmosphere that will leave your guests spellbound. They feature warm white filament lights spaced 50 cm apart, ensuring an enchanting, continuous glow along the entire 4.5 m length. Each festoon bulb (diameter approx. 10 cm) houses warm white filament LEDs, creating a shimmering cascade of light that will twinkle and dance like fireflies in the night.

With a generous 5 m lead wire, you'll have the freedom to hang these lights anywhere you desire, indoor or outdoor. The included indoor transformer with a built-in 8-function memory controller let you choose from a range of mesmerizing light sequences to set the mood for any occasion.

The Transparent Festoon Light String is perfect for both indoor and outdoor settings, offering year-round illumination for your garden, patio, living room, or Christmas tree. These lights are designed to withstand various weather conditions, ensuring a long-lasting display.

No matter the celebration, our light string will captivate and inspire, creating a warm and inviting atmosphere that brings people together. Elevate your home or garden décor, and add a touch of magic to your life with these radiant, sparkling lights.

String Along Splendor - Warm White Wonders in a 4.5 m Celebration!


  • Length
    4.5 m
  • Pre-Lit
    140 Warm White LEDs
  • Light Function
    8 Settings
  • Mains Powered
  • Lead Wire
    5 m
  • Location
  • Feature
    Bulb Size: 10 (D) cm