LINK FESTOON Y Cord Connector, Connectable, Black

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SKU: LF129


Double the Outlets, Double the Possibilities:

This adaptable Y Connector, unlocks new possibilities for your LINK PRO mains voltage connectable lights. It seamlessly transforms a single outlet from your starter cable into two separate power sources, allowing you to illuminate multiple areas with ease.

Flexibility for Creative Displays:

Imagine decorating two trees with individual lighting displays using a single power source. The versatile Y Connector makes it possible. It can be strategically inserted between compatible LINK PRO lights, adding 1 meter of length and providing ample flexibility to craft intricate arrangements.

Unlocking a World of Lighting Design:

Each of the Y Connector's three sections measures 50cm, offering generous reach for custom layouts.

This connector can be joined with additional Y connectors for complex and expansive lighting displays.

Available in both black and white, you can choose the perfect match for your existing LINK PRO lights.