Pre-Lit Grand Alaskan Fir Christmas Tree, 7 ft

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SKU: WRC-7457

Embrace the regal beauty of wintry landscapes with the Pre-Lit Grand Alaskan Fir Christmas Tree, intricately designed to capture the heart of Christmas whilst invoking the grandeur of Alaskan terrains. A centrepiece that seamlessly bridges the vastness of the Alaskan wilderness with the comforting warmth of home, this tree is a testament to festive elegance and natural splendour.

With a diameter of 142 cm (56 inches), this tree makes a confident statement, bringing depth and grandiosity to both intimate indoor spaces and the expansive outdoors. Comprising 2145 meticulously crafted mixed PE&PVC tips, the tree mirrors the fullness and intricacy of a genuine fir, imbuing your festive setting with unparalleled realism.

The enchantment doesn't end with its foliage. The tree dazzles with 500 warm white LEDs, casting a gentle, heartwarming glow that embodies the spirit of Christmas. With 8 diverse multi-functional settings, the lights offer a dance ranging from a soft shimmer to a spirited festal sparkle, allowing you to customise the ambiance to your mood. And with the inclusion of a low voltage transformer, you're promised a display that's as safe as it is stunning.

Whether gracing the living room or brightening an outdoor setting under a wintry sky, this tree stands resilient, embodying the strength and beauty of the Alaskan firs it represents.

The Pre-Lit Grand Alaskan Fir Christmas Tree isn't just another festive decoration; it's an adventure, a journey from the wild reaches of Alaska to the warmth of your home, narrating stories of vast landscapes, snowy peaks, and the timeless magic of Christmas.

From Forest Whispers to Festive Wonders, Experience the Magic of Tradition!

Height: 7 ft/2.1 m
Diameter: 142 cm/56 Inch
Tip Count: 2145 Mixed PE&PVC Tips
Pre-Lit: 500 Warm White LEDs
Light Function: 8 Multi-Functional Settings
Mains Powered: Low Voltage Transformer
Lead Wire: 3 m
Location: Indoor/Outdoor


Grand Alaskan Fir

2145 Mixed PE&PVC Tips

Meticulously crafted mixed PE and PVC tips mirror the fullness and intricate details of a genuine fir, this magnificent tree will bring depth and grandeur to your home.