Pre-Lit Fibre Optic Christmas Tree with Tree Topper, 5 ft

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SKU: WRC-8042

Experience the magic of the festive season with our mesmerising Pre-Lit Fibre Optic Christmas Tree, adorned with radiant stars. At a height of 5 ft and showcasing a generous diameter of 72 cm (28 inches), this tree promises to be a spellbinding centrepiece for any indoor setting.

The tree boasts an array of 170 multi-colour fibre optic tips, each shimmering and sparkling, creating an enchanting dance of lights that's sure to captivate. Further elevating its allure, 36 LED stars are delicately placed among the branches, each with the capacity to display a range of 8 diverse multi-functional settings. Whether you prefer a gentle glow or a dynamic flash, personalising your tree's illumination has never been easier.

Taking pride of place atop the tree is a brilliant LED star topper, casting its luminous charm and watching over the festivities below. With a 1.8 m lead wire and accompanied by a low voltage transformer, setting up your tree is both safe and straightforward.

Where every light and star tells a tale of joy, warmth, and togetherness.

Height: 5 ft/1.5 m
Diameter: 72 cm/28 Inch
Tip Count: 170 Multi-Coloured Fibre Optic Tips
Pre-Lit: 36 LED Stars
Light Function: 8 Multi-Functional Settings
Mains Powered: Low Voltage Transformer
Lead Wire: 1.8 m
Location: Indoor
Feature: LED Star Topper


Shimmering and Sparkling

170 Multi-Coloured Fibre Optic Tips

This captivating Christmas tree features a mesmerising display of multi-coloured fibre optic tips, each twinkling and sparkling to create a magical dance of lights. Delicately placed LED stars nestled among the branches add another layer of enchantment.