Decorated Table Centre Piece Garland Candle Holder - Red/ Gold, 3 Pillar

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SKU: WRC-3158


Elevate your dining experience or accentuate your mantelpiece with our enchanting Decorated Table Centrepiece Garland Candle Holder in a rich palette of Red and Gold. Designed to harmonize with Christmas décor, this elegant centrepiece will become a focal point of your indoor celebrations.

Lush berries, natural pine cones, and delicate golden leaves are intertwined within the garland, each element contributing to the warm, Christmas atmosphere. At a length of 52- cm, this centrepiece is substantial enough to command attention while fitting beautifully on most table sizes without overwhelming the space.

Crafted for indoor use, this centrepiece protects its delicate features and ensures longevity, making it a lasting addition to your Christmas décor.

Illuminate Your Gatherings: Elegance and Warmth in Every Flicker with our Red & Gold Garland Candle Holder.


  • Length
    52 cm
  • Pre-Decorated
    berries, pine cones and golden leaves
  • Location