Natural Pinecone and Berry Table Centre Piece with Single Pillar Candle Holder Christmas Decoration, Triple Tape

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SKU: WRC-3147


Transform your table setting into a woodland-inspired masterpiece with our enchanting Natural Pinecone and Berry Table Centerpiece, artfully crafted to infuse your indoor gatherings with a touch of nature's splendor. At the heart of this centerpiece lies a robust single pillar candle holder, boasting a sophisticated black finish that provides a stark, elegant contrast to the organic elements encircling it.

Pre-decorated with a lush arrangement of natural pinecones and richly hued berries, each element is meticulously placed to create a harmonious display that evokes the serene beauty of a forest walk.

Standing at a prominent height of 23 cm, this centerpiece is designed to be a striking focal point on your table. Please note that this exquisite piece is intended for indoor use only, preserving its beauty and integrity away from the elements.

Enkindle Nature's Elegance – Embrace Serenity with our Pinecone & Berry Centerpiece!


  • Height
    23 cm
  • Pre-Decorated
    berries and pine cones
  • Location
  • Finish