Gift Wrapping Master Class


A Gift Wrapping Master Class

Whether you’ve finished your Christmas shopping or your just getting started, our favourite part has to be wrapping them, making them look beautiful and seeing the smile on the recipients face.

There’s something amazing sitting with a mug of mulled wine or hot chocolate whilst listening to Christmas Music and wrapping gifts.

There’s always those few gifts that are difficult to wrap and don’t fit in a box. Here we’ll give you a few ideas on how to wrap them beautifully. in time for the big day,

Wrapping a bottle up in paper can look messy if you’re not an expert wrapper. Wine bags are a great idea, fill them with some sparkles and craft tissue paper. You can even buy a wine or Liquor box to put the bottle in, we’d keep this for the more luxurious alcoholic spirit or wine as they can get quite pricey. Fill your box with Christmas foliage for a festive twist!

Everyone loves a home baked gift, they’re always well received (and delicious)! If you’ve made a big batch of something then pop them in a tin and wrap with a big ribbon. This will keep them dry and fresh! Home made fudge or cookies could go in a large mason jar with some festive twine around the lid. Wrap your baked goods up in cellophane and finish with a nice bow and a home made tag. Here are a few of our favourites.

Make sure to wrap delicate glass items in a protective wrap like bubble wrap, you could even get some vintage newspaper / tissue paper. This shows you’ve gone and put effort and thought into securing the safety of their gift. Sometimes less is more and you might just want to add some ribbon or a bow, especially with larger gifts. 

Let us know your top tips for gift wrapping below in the comments!

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