DIY Christmas Candles


DIY Christmas Candles

Here at WeRChristmas we love a bit of DIY, especially when it’s festive themed!

When Christmas comes around the air is filled with spicy cinnamon and fresh pine aromas. Today we’ll be showing you some of our favourite DIY candle creations, they’re really simple and a fun way to get the family spending time together working on a fun project.   

This candle creation is made by gluing cinnamon sticks around a pillar candle then wrapping a twine bow around it. Pop them on your coffee table or create a fancy centre piece on your dining table. The cinnamon smell will fill the air leaving everyone feeling super festive.  

Head out into your garden or the local park and collect some twigs / sticks. Use an old glass (making sure it’s heat proof) and superglue your twigs around the outside, Use some ribbon or twine and tie a bow around it, pop in a tea lights and you’ve got yourself a rustic Christmas candle. You could use different shaped and sizes of glasses to create a display. Swap twigs for cinnamon sticks and tie a ribbon bow around for an alliterative look

Cut out a festive shape whether it be a star or Christmas tree and stick it to an old jam or mason jar. Don’t use super glue on this as you’ll need to be able to peel it off! You could use spray paint or normal paint to paint the rest of the glass.

Once dried, peel off your paper template and you’ll be left with a clear star or tree shaped window into your glass to see the flicker of your tealight. Tie some colourful ribbon round the rim into a bow! You could also fill these with sweat treats and give them out as gifts. Create your own little label to tie onto the bow letting the recipient know they can add a tealight to reuse their gift as a candle holder.

We love seeing all your creations so make sure you tag us on social media, these are few of our favourites from online so we'd love to share yours!

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