Pre-Lit Scandinavian Spruce Pinecones & Berries Christmas Tree, 10 ft

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SKU: WRC-9272

Step into a winter wonderland with our Pre-Lit Scandinavian Spruce Pine Cone and Berry Christmas Tree. This meticulously crafted tree marries the traditional allure of Scandinavian winters with the warmth of modern illumination, making it a distinguished centrepiece.

This spruce tree captures the heart with its generous 178 cm (70 inch) breadth, offering ample space for festive merriment. Delving into its verdant beauty, you'll discover a lavish tapestry of 2048 PVC tips, each meticulously crafted to echo the dense, intricate allure of the native Scandinavian spruce.

The beauty of this tree goes beyond its foliage. Embedded within are 1000 warm white LEDs, casting a gentle, heartwarming luminescence that evokes the spirit of cosy winter evenings. Paired with 8 multi-functional settings, the tree ensures that your festive ambience is ever-evolving, from the serene glow of a peaceful night to the vibrant twinkle of a celebratory gathering.

But what truly sets this tree apart are the delicate adornments it carries. Scattered amidst the rich greenery are natural-looking berries and pinecones, their rustic charm accentuated by the tree's white-tipped branches, which offer a frosted effect reminiscent of a fresh Scandinavian snowfall.

Safety is seamlessly woven into its elegance with the inclusion of a low voltage transformer, ensuring energy efficiency whilst adding a comforting layer of security to your indoor festivities.

Celebrate this festive season with a tree that encapsulates the serene beauty of northern landscapes and the joy of modern comforts. Our Pre-Lit Scandinavian Spruce Pine Cone and Berry Christmas Tree promises not just a decoration, but an experience — one of frost-kissed mornings, heartwarming lights, and timeless tradition. Make it the heart of your festive décor and bask in its enchanting glow.

A Winter Wonderland in Every Twinkle: Your Snow-Kissed Christmas Delight.

Height: 10 ft/3 m
Diameter: 178 cm/70 Inch
Tip Count: 2048 PVC Tips
Pre-Lit: 1000 Warm White LEDs
Light Function: 8 Multi-Functional Settings
Pre-Decorated: Berries & Pinecones
Mains Powered: Low Voltage Transformer
Lead Wire: 5 m
Location: Indoor
Finish: White Tips


Frosted White Finish

2048 PVC Tips

There are natural-looking pinecones and berries nestled among the frosted white-tipped branches, that evoke a fresh Scandinavian snowfall, for a truly enchanting Christmas centerpiece.