Pre-Lit Mountain Pine Natural Bark Christmas Tree, 6 ft

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SKU: WRC-7451

Introducing the Pre-Lit Mountain Pine Natural Bark Christmas Tree, an exquisite embodiment of festive elegance crafted specifically for UK homes. This beautifully designed tree captures the majestic allure of mountain pines, encapsulating a sense of wilderness and splendour in one mesmerising display.

Spanning a width of 112 cm (44 inches), its generous size makes a bold statement, whether nestled in the heart of your living room or gracing an outdoor setting. With 1695 mixed PE&PVC tips, this tree brings the lush vibrancy and intricate detailing of real pine, combining the best of nature's design with durable artistry.

The 300 warm white LEDs dispersed throughout the tree illuminate its grandeur, evoking a sense of cosy winter evenings. These lights, with their 8 multi-functional settings, provide the flexibility to set the mood, from a soft twinkling glow to a vibrant festive sparkle. Powered by a low voltage transformer, you can rest assured of both the tree's safety and its efficiency.

Beyond its lights and foliage, the standout feature of this tree is its natural bark. This unique touch infuses authenticity into its design, reminding one of the raw beauty of mountainous terrains and the crisp air of high altitudes.

Whether you choose to place it indoors to become the centrepiece of your festive décor or let it stand tall in an outdoor setting, braving the winter chill, this tree promises to be a beacon of festive spirit and nature's grandeur.

The Pre-Lit Mountain Pine Natural Bark Christmas Tree is more than just a decoration. It’s an experience, a slice of mountain wilderness brought into your home, evoking tales of Christmas wonder and nature's timeless beauty.

From Forest Whispers to Festive Wonders, Experience the Magic of Tradition!

Height: 6 ft/1.8 m
Diameter: 112 cm/44 Inch
Tip Count: 1695 Mixed PE&PVC Tips
Pre-Lit: 300 Warm White LEDs
Light Function: 8 Multi-Functional Settings
Mains Powered: Low Voltage Transformer
Lead Wire: 3 m
Location: Indoor/Outdoor



1695 Mixed PE&PVC Tips

A beautiful mix of PE and PVC tips replicates the lush vibrancy and intricate details of a real pine, capturing nature's beauty with long-lasting, durable artistry.