Pre-Lit Fibre Optic Pencil Christmas Tree with Warm White LED Stars, 7 ft

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SKU: WRC-9097

Experience the epitome of elegance with the Pre-Lit Fibre Optic Pencil Christmas Tree, meticulously designed to radiate charm in any indoor setting. Towering at an impressive 7 ft, this slender tree is crafted to fit seamlessly, even in the cosiest of spaces, ensuring no corner goes without a touch of festive flair.

Boasting a slender diameter of 70 cm, the tree comes alive with an intricate ensemble of 290 fibre optic tips. These sparkling fibres effortlessly catch the eye, offering a dynamic display of light and colour, enhancing the festive ambience.

Embedded within its slender frame, 294 warm white LEDs illuminate the surroundings with a gentle, golden hue. These LEDs harmoniously blend with the tree's fibre optics, creating a dazzling play of light that mimics a canopy of stars on a serene winter's night.

Anchoring the tree's celestial aesthetic is its luminous LED star tree topper, casting a radiant glow that crowns the tree with an air of majesty. A 1.8 m lead wire ensures ample flexibility in positioning, and the inclusion of a low voltage transformer not only ensures safety but also promises efficient energy consumption.

Dive into a festive celebration with this Fibre Optic Pencil Tree, a symphony of lights and sheer sophistication.

Height: 7 ft/2.1 m
Diameter: 70 cm/28 Inch
Tip Count: 290 Fibre Optic Tips
Pre-Lit: 294 Warm White LEDs
Mains Powered: Low Voltage Transformer
Lead Wire: 1.8 m
Location: Indoor
Feature: LED Star Topper


Dazzling Display

290 Fibre Optic Tips

This captivating Christmas tree comes alive with an intricate ensemble of sparkling fibre optic tips. These eye-catching fibres effortlessly dance with light and colour, creating a dynamic display that enhances your festive ambiance.