Set of 5 LED Bird Light String, 1.5 m

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SKU: WRC-7495


Introducing our Set of 5 LED Bird Light String – a delightful addition to your space that brings a touch of enchantment and illumination to any occasion. With 40 brilliant white LEDs, a generous 1.5-meter length, and versatile indoor/outdoor capabilities, these charming bird-themed lights will transform your surroundings into a magical realm.

40 White LEDs these high-quality LEDs emit a soft, radiant glow that adds a warm and inviting ambiance to your space. Whether you're decorating your home, garden, or any other area, these LEDs create a serene atmosphere.

Our LED Bird Lights come equipped with a safe and reliable BS transformer, ensuring consistent and stable power delivery. You can trust these lights to shine brightly throughout your event.

Illuminate Your World with Whimsical Charm: Discover the Magic of Our Set of 5 LED Bird Light String, 1.5 m!


  • Length
    1.5 m
  • Pre-Lit
    40 White LEDs
  • Mains Powered
    BS Transformer
  • Lead Wire
    5 m
  • Location