Decorated Table Centre Piece Garland Candle Holder - Copper/Gold, 3 Pillar

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SKU: WRC-3138


Transform your dining experience with a touch of elegance and a sprinkle of Christmas charm! Our Decorated Table Centrepiece Garland Candle Holder is designed to be the heart of your table décor, offering an exquisite combination of copper and gold hues, perfect for creating a warm, inviting ambiance.

Lavishly pre-decorated with an assortment of Christmas embellishments, including richly coloured berries, natural pine cones, shiny baubles, delicate flowers, and lush leaves, each detail adds a layer of sophistication to your indoor gatherings.

Measuring 52 cm in length, this centrepiece is sizeable enough to command attention yet designed to fit comfortably on most tables without overwhelming your space. A tasteful glitter finish gives this piece an added shimmer, capturing the essence of Christmas joy and the celebratory spirit of special occasions.

Illuminate Elegance — Embrace the Glow of Golden Moments with Our Copper & Gold Table Centrepiece.


  • Length
    52 cm
  • Pre-Decorated
    berries, pine cones, baubles, flowers and leaves
  • Location
  • Finish