Train Rope Light Silhouette, 78 cm

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SKU: WRC-3238


Embark on a charming journey of light and color with our Train Rope Light Silhouette, measuring an impressive 78 cm in length and standing 48 cm tall. This delightful display piece is an exceptional addition to any space, whether you're looking to add a whimsical touch to your indoor environment or illuminate your outdoor landscape with a playful glow.

Crafted with a static rope light that outlines the iconic shape of a classic train, this silhouette radiates a warm and welcoming light. Its continuous glow brings the silhouette to life, creating an eye-catching feature that sparks imagination and evokes the joy of nostalgic railway adventures.

The Train Rope Light Silhouette comes with a convenient 1.5-metre lead wire, providing ample length to reach your power source without the hassle of additional extensions. Safety is a priority with our silhouette, equipped with a BS transformer to ensure that the piece operates reliably and efficiently.

All Aboard the Glow Express – Brighten Your Space with the Enchanting Train Rope Light Silhouette!


  • Height
    48 cm
  • Length
    78 cm
  • Pre-Lit
    Static Rope Light
  • Mains Powered
    BS Transformer
  • Lead Wire
    1.5 m
  • Location