Fairy Light Decor Inspiration


Utilise Spare Fairy Lights

If you’re like us here at WeRChristmas there’s nothing better than having a twinkly living space in the festive season. 

It’s time to decorate those small bare areas and inject some yuletide cheer. Battery operated fairy lights are a big favourite all year round but become more popular come Christmas. For out top 3 ideas we recommend using battery operated lights, so you don’t have wires trailing to the nearest plug socket.

If you have a fireplace you no longer use, wrap some fairy lights around your coals or logs to create a twinkling sparkle. It’s a perfect way to light up your fireplace without actually lighting a fire. If you do use your fire then remember to remove them, and make sure your fire is completely cold before putting them on, we don’t want no burnt fingers or melted string!

Pop your fairy lights in a mason jar, most people have a few lying around! If not you can pick them up for cheap at most supermarkets and craft stores. Tape the top of the string to the lid of your jar and place the battery pack at the bottom of the jar. You can even add some faux foliage inside or around the base of the jar for an extra festive feel.  

You could even go one further and pop them in a lantern and display them at the bottom of your staircase or next to your fireplace. Mason jars look beautiful on a coffee table or on top of a mantle piece, your family and friends will enjoy that little extra sparkle in the room as much as you. 

Why not dress a mirror or mantelpiece with a string of fairy lights? Many people dress their mantelpiece with a garland, if you already have one you love, wrap your fairy lights around the bushy branches to bring it to life. Putting fairy lights around a mirror whether it’s in a hallway or lounge adds that extra festive touch. It’s also great for that Christmas mirror selfie. 

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