Elf On The Shelf


Elf on the shelf came about a few years back, here at WeRChristmas we love festive traditions, and this is by far one of our favourites.

If you’ve not yet had the pleasure of having an elf in your home at Christmas, then this is your year! Elf on the shelf isn’t just for families with children, couples do this as well, one person can take charge or take it in turns

What Is Elf On The Shelf?

In the North Pole Santa has masses of helpers who make the Christmas season special. His Elves serve him by being his eyes and ears in homes around the world. They play a special role in creating festive fun which helps Santa in creating a special Christmas spirit. The elves come on the 1st December and watch Children's behaviour before being collected by Santa on Christmas Eve. The elves can be quite mischievous they appear in different places every morning for Children to find.

How can you incorporate an elf door?

Before the elves arrive, people Install a small door for them to arrive through. The elf arrives at their door on the 1st December to arrive. Construct your elf door on a kitchen work top or on a surface close to a wall, it’s easy to clear up and there’s no additional accessories on your floor.

If you didn't want anything too fiddly then why not copy the design here, simple fairy lights and a little sign on your front door can be just as effective. 

Naming your elf on the shelf

When your elf arrives its part of tradition to give him or her a name. Here at WeRChristmas HQ we rounded up a few names of our colleagues’ elves, we have a Mr Frosty, Ellie Elf, Snowflake and many more. 

Whatever you choose whether it be a realistic name or a festive themed one, it’s sure to create plenty of fun in your home this Christmas.

The North Pole Breakfast

On the arrival of your elf a fun tradition is to have a North Pole Breakfast! This is where you can have a big celebration as the countdown to Christmas begins. Create a buffet of delicious naughty food that your elf could have brought. Marshmallow snowmen, banana split, and candy canes are some of our favourites to add to your banquet.

What Does Your Elf Get Up To?

It’s your choice if your elf is good or naughty, you create different scenarios over your house. Your elf could have hung bananas on your Christmas Tree or find them sat on top of your toilet having unravelled a toilet roll on your bathroom floor. Whatever scene you create it’s sure to fill everyone with festive cheer.

Christmas Eve Box

A fun way to say goodbye to your festive friend is create a Christmas Eve box from your elf, fill it with a pair of Christmas PJs, a fun festive DVD, slipper socks, Christmas chocolates and popcorn. You could even put a small gift in there from their Christmas list.

Make sure to tag us in your elf on the shelf creations on social media, we love seeing them all!

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