Christmas Shopping With Anxiety


Here at WeRChristmas we believe taking care of your mental health should be your top priority all year round.

Christmas is supposed to be a time of family fun, magical moments and forever memories, so we’ve come up with our top tips on dealing with anxiety when out Christmas shopping. Most of the population work during the week when the shops are the quietest, so we’re stuck having to go after work or at weekends, navigating your way through the busy crowds isn’t fun.

Trying to grab yourself a bargain, perusing the sales rails can become almost impossible when you feel your chest tightening and your head starts to spin, many people recognise this as the start of a panic attack and get out of the situation.

Whether you have generalised anxiety, social anxiety or panic disorders the noise, crowds and heat of shopping can be hugely triggering. So much for retail therapy. Many people think of shopping as a fun way to unwind, however experts say that shopping can overload your brain with information and it’s a terrible way to relax.

Relaxation teacher and Hypnotherapist Dipti Tait from The Costwold Practice says “Shopping is not the best way to relax. Subconsciously there are many factors on the brain while we shop. 

‘We are comparing, analysing, evaluating, making choices and being seduced by the bargain or the sale tag, and this is not always relaxing for the brain,’ she explains. ‘Real relaxation is when the brain gets a chance to switch off from conscious thought. 

When we engage in activities that help us to use our imagination – like reading or daydreaming – true relaxation in the brain occurs when our mind feels still afterwards, whereas shopping and shopping centres are designed to keep the mind busy.’

We all like buying and receiving gifts so snuggle down with your laptop with a cup of your favourite tea and scour the internet for those bargains. Usually online you can find those all-important extra discount codes 😉 and majority of places offer free returns! 

So, who’s the real winner…

Spread your shopping out over the year, it’s easier on your wallet and saves the unnecessary stress of battling through the crowds. If you’re not tech savvy or prefer to see what you’re buying in real life, make sure you visit the shops early morning when it’s likely to be a lot quieter. Winters seem to be getting colder and colder so make sure you wear layers that can easily be removed, nobody wants to be sweltering in a department store and run the risk of fainting. 

Familiarise yourself with the layout of the store or shopping centres you’re going to so you can plan where the toilets or food area is to take some time out.

We’d love to know your tips for dealing with the anxiety whilst out Christmas shopping,

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