Fluffing Out Your Tree


Fluff Out Your Tree Like An Expert

It's the most exciting part of decorating getting the Christmas Tree out of it's box, ready for Christmas to begin! Your WeRChristmas Tree has been compressed tightly in it's box to use less packaging for the environment and it means we can get it to you quicker for shipping purposes. To ensure your tree is as full as possible you will need to spend time and effort fluffing and manipulating the branches. Our in house photographers spend a few hours fanning and fluffing the branches, it's worth the time, care and effort to get your desired effect.

Start at the back of your branches, fan each tip and spread the branches so they cover the trunk/middle of your tree. When moving onto the next branch overlap the branches to create a fuller appearance in the middle of your tree.

Pull the side branches and tips out as you work your way to the front of the branch separating any sprigs off the main stem. Layer the tips on top of one another to create a realistic look like the foliage on a real tree. 

Once you've fanned and fluffed out each individual section of your tree, ensure that the light connectors are screwed into one another if your tree is pre-lit. You can do this when slotting the sections into one another. The connectors are the same colour as your tree and are well camouflaged by your trees branches. The connectors are located in the middle of the tree and are attached to the lights,  

If you have a tree 7ft+ we recommend fanning out the top before slotting it into the middle section of your tree. This is so you're not on a ladder for a prolonged period of time.  Plug in your tree to ensure the lights are all working and you're happy with how the lights sit against the branches. 

Results Of Tree Fluffing

We collaborated with Katie from @The_ModernMum on our hugely popular Fraser Fir Tree. Click the below image to watch Katie in action fluffing out her tree, spending time and effort fluffing your tree achieves the below look. #TreeGoals 

Enjoy your beautifully bushy WeRChristmas Tree!

When the time comes to bid farewell to those delightful decorations and that beautifully lit up Christmas tree, you want to keep them safe until next year. keep reading to find out our top tips on how to keep them free of dust and dirt.

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