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Devon Metcalfe |

There’s nothing better than being cosy and warm inside when the weather turns grey and the rain is pouring outside.

Here at WeRChristmas we're huge lovers of the Danish lifestyle home trend Hygee! Over the last few years you my have seen the word "Hygee" popping up in blogs and lifestyle news, especially in Winter. Pronounced "hoo-ga" the Danish concept can't be translated to a single word, it encompasses a feeling of cozy contentment, enjoying the simple things in life and embracing self care and well being. 

If you've ever spent a Sunday indoors watching movies or reading your favourite book, or enjoyed a hot chocolate on a snowy day then you have experienced Hygee without even knowing it.

Denmark is credited as one of the worlds happiest countries despite their harsh winter conditions, this is why the rest of the world is trying to catch on to their cosy way of life.



Opt for thick knitted or woollen throws and cushions for in your living space. These make snuggling up on the sofa that bit warmer and cosier. Dependant on your budget there’s something for everyone on the high street, shops such as B&M and Primark offer low priced home furnishings which are often a bargain for the quality! If you have a bit more cash to splash out then Next or Wayfair sell great seasonal Homeware. 


It’s crazy how something as simple as smell can create a cosier and warmer feel to your home. If you’ve got a few free hours bake some delicious cakes or cookies and let the sweet aromas flow through the air. You’ll have everyone’s mouths drooling! 

We love a good candle here at HQ, with Yankee Candles being one of our favourite brands. Their Christmas scents are always amazing, dashes of cinnamon, berries and frosted pine, we find they continue to smell all the way through the candle burning. 

If you’ve got little ones and candles aren't for you, invest in some room sprays or air fresheners that lingers.

Our favourite must be the room sprays from Aldi, they do amazing festive smelling ones each winter, they're also a dupe of the more upmarket Jo Malone room sprays.



The days are growing darker and the best way to brighten up your home is with lights! Our favourite way is definitely using LED fairy lights. You can put them almost anywhere and they certainly wouldn’t look out of place. They illuminate the darkest of corners and fill the room with a twinkling glow.

Why not head over to our other blog and have a read of our top tips on the best ways to use fairy lights!

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