Standing Santa Figurine, Red, 42 cm

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Introducing our charming Standing Santa Figurine in vibrant red, standing at a proud 42 cm in height. This delightful figurine is designed for indoor use, making it the perfect addition to your Christmas decor.

What sets our Santa Figurine apart is its versatile free-standing design. This feature allows you to effortlessly place it on mantels, shelves, or even as a captivating centerpiece on your dining table. You have the creative freedom to display it wherever you wish, adding a touch of charm to your living space.

Designed exclusively for indoor use, this Santa Figurine ensures durability and longevity, making it a cherished part of your Christmas collection. 

Capture the Spirit of Santa: Bring Home the 42 cm Standing Santa Figurine in Radiant Red!


  • Height
    42 cm
  • Location