Shatterproof Star Christmas Tree Topper, Silver, 21 cm

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SKU: WRC-0277


Introducing our Shatterproof Silver Star Tree Topper, a dazzling addition to your indoor decor. With a stately height of 21 cm, this sleek and versatile star will grace your space with its radiant presence.

Elegant Silver Finish The timeless silver finish of our star topper exudes sophistication and complements any indoor setting with its graceful allure. Whether you prefer a traditional or contemporary ambiance, this topper seamlessly integrates into your decor.

Designed exclusively for indoor use, this star tree topper is a hassle-free addition to your decorations. Simply place it atop your tree to instantly elevate your decor without the need for additional support or assembly.

Elevate Your Tree's Brilliance with our Shatterproof Silver Star Topper - A Sparkling Finishing Touch!


  • Height
    21 cm
  • Location