Red Berry Tree Topper, 90 cm

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SKU: WRC-10569


Elevate the Christmas spirit in your home this season with our stunning Red Berry Tree Topper. Masterfully crafted to offer the perfect blend of elegance and rustic charm, this eye-catching adornment will be the crown jewel of your Christmas tree.

Our Red Berry Tree Topper features a unique blend of 2.4 cm big berries and 1.8 cm small berries. The larger berries serve as eye-catching focal points, while the smaller ones fill in the gaps to provide a lush, full appearance.

The tree topper has an intricate branch arrangement that adds depth and dimension to your tree. The two lower branches are adorned with berry stems to give the piece a natural flow. Moving upwards, four middle branches come with 4 berry stems each, enhancing the topper's symmetrical design. At the pinnacle, two top branches feature 4 berry stems, and a single top branch carries 6 berry stems. Each berry stem carries a total of 8 berries, with 5 big and 3 small berries, summing up to a grand total of 38 berry stems and 304 berries.

To make the installation hassle-free, the tree topper comes with three 20 cm dark green ties. These ties blend seamlessly with the foliage of your Christmas tree, ensuring that the focus remains on the beautiful red berries.

Top off your Christmas tree with this enchanting Red Berry Tree Topper and let the Christmas magic shine through.