Burgundy Large Gloss Shatterproof Bauble, 20 cm

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SKU: WRC-10482


Enhance your Christmas decor with the 20 cm Burgundy Shatterproof Bauble, a versatile piece that offers endless possibilities for display. Its rich, deep colour adds a luxurious touch when hung as a centrepiece on your Christmas tree or when incorporated into a garland or wreath arrangement for an extra splash of elegance.

This bauble, made from resilient, shatterproof material, is built to last, ensuring it can be enjoyed for many festive seasons to come. Its generous size is ideal for crafting eye-catching visuals, whether standing alone or paired with complementary decorations for a full, festive effect.

Infuse your Christmas tree with the rich, velvety tones of our oversized Burgundy Bauble, a statement piece that exudes festive sophistication.


  • Diameter
    20 cm
  • Pack Size
    1 Pack
  • Material
  • Finish