Summer Christmas Trees


Here at WeRChristmas we believe trees aren’t just for Christmas they’re for all year round!

Check out our DIY creative designs that look fantastic at any time of year. We all know trends come and go but having a seasonal tree is sticking and we’re over the moon. 

People are decorating their trees with seasonal decorations and we’re super excited to show you some of our favourites. The demand for summer trees is growing so get your crafty head on and soak up some of these ideas to create your own!

A pine cone summer Christmas tree is an easy one to create yourself.  

Faux or real pine cones, either is fine. If you’re using real pine cones pop them into your sink and let them soak in warm water and ½ a cup of white vinegar for 30 minutes (don’t be alarmed when they close up).

Take them out and strain any water off, line a baking tray and bake in your oven at 300 degrees for 1 hour.

They’ll bloom open and look beautiful. This method will preserve your real pine cones and clean them of any dirt or bugs that maybe on them.

Get a variety of different sizes so you can create a tree shape and some clear super glue. (Be careful to get them stuck to yourself!) Start with the biggest at the bottom and get smaller at the top to create your own pine cone tree.

This delightful DIY design could sit on your windowsill or coffee table throughout the year and nobody would bat an eyelid!

A big fancy floral tree must be one of our favourites here at WeRChristmas HQ! If you’re lucky enough to live alone this won’t be a problem, if you have a family or other half, they might think you’ve gone a bit mad until they see it. So we recommend doing this when everyone’s out to save dispute 😉.  
You can reuse your artificial Christmas tree which are usually easy to assemble, if you fancy a new one head over to our Christmas tree section and pick yourself up a plain one, we have a range of different sizes to suit any space. You can pop down to your local hobby store to get some faux flowers, these days it’s easy to order online (top tip eBay and amazon are usually cheaper than shops!). Bright colours, pinks, oranges and yellows look amazing in contrast to your big bushy tree no matter what colour your tree is.
You don’t even need to use just flowers to create a summer tree. A few ideas could be a butterfly themed tree, a seaside nautical tree or a summer holiday tree.

If you want something a bit more subtle then opt for a potted faux evergreen tree, we have a gorgeous range of these for indoor and outdoor use. Add some fairy lights to light up your garden of an evening, they’re easier to maintain than real garden plants that’s for sure 😉… 

Oh and you can reuse them when Christmas does come around, maybe as a centre piece on your dining table or for a festive welcome in your hall way.

Alternatively, dainty blossom and twig trees look delightful all year round, they’re a subtle nod to the Christmas tree but in a cherry blossom style for summer. We have a range of different colours to suit your homes décor that can be used inside or outside. You can control the lights on blossom trees so they can be soft and twinkly on a warm summers evening or flashing bright on a cold winter’s night, illuminating your living space.

We love seeing all your creations, make sure you snap a photo and tag us on social media and we’ll get round to sharing our favourites!

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